DC-3 Trimaran

The Amazing DC-3 Trimaran

Winner or the Wooden Boat Magazine’s
“Pro-Boat Design Challenge III”

The DC-3 Sail Boat is a 27-foot, trailerable, expedition-capable sailing trimaran having the robust construction and attention to function of its aircraft namesake. A twin-cabin arrangement features separate living quarters and head, with cockpit between. A conservative sail plan is matched with a stable multihull  platform and intuitive handling features to improve safety and sea-keeping properties. The simple, laminated wood/epoxy hulls are intended for professional and amateur builders. Every effort has been made to reduce the cost of construction and outfitting. With hulls and crossbeams disassembled, containerized shipping is possible. It is constructed using the Constant Camber® construction method developed by Jim Brown.

We have built several wooden boats but the DC-3 is the most versatile boat to be assembled in our shop!

Our goal

Our goal with this website is to construct the DC-3 and show the benefits of both the DC-3 Trimaran and the Constant Camber® construction method. To better illustrate this, we will be building the DC-3 Trimaran in the back yard of a residential home and documenting it here on DC3Sailboat.com. Our plans are to build the first DC-3 while developing a step-by-step DC-3 Trimaran Builders Manual.  The build will progress while working closely with the designer John Marples, providing him feedback of the construction and making modifications as needed.


Registered Members of the DC3Sailboat.com website, will have the opportunity to purchase their own construction plans through our online store. Members will also receive the “Dc-3 Sailboat Newsletter”, articles & videos. Those who purchase plans from our site, will receive customer support including current tips, links to suppliers and resources in the form of our “DC-3 Trimaran Builders Newsletter”, website, forum,  and blog. Those who have completed their DC-3 project will receive the “Dc-3 Sailing Newsletter” and become a member of the “DC-3 Sailors Club” which will provide Resources, Articles, Videos, Reviews and Expedition Testimonials from other users in the form of member submitted content.

The site resources and content will over time, evolve from members comments, submitted articles and interactivity, into a valuable resource for those with interest in the Amazing DC-3 Trimaran.